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Author: Antonin Januska
About: A Writer who enjoys living healthy

RENEW is a self-help blog covering a wide range of topics including self improvement, depression, health, being green, and improving your overall quality of life. Through my past experience and my future struggles, I'd like to help others become happier and better people, just like I am hoping to.

Why did I "Renew" pick?

The process of changing your life, gaining motivation, and learning about yourself is a process of constant renewal. People change, constantly. As people learn more about themselves and progress in their life, they gain a new perspective on life and become a new person. Every second that ticks by brings such changes, it brings a new opportunity to completely remodel oneself. I would like to be there for you and help you on your journey and experience my journey alongside you.

This blog will focus on:

  • health
  • productivity
  • inner peace
  • spirituality
  • self-help
  • happiness
  • and life!

Before we get too far, why don't learn a little about me, the writer, and content creator.

A Little About Me

My name is Antonin Januska and my full-time job is being a Web Developer at a marketing agency. I am currently engaged, ready to be married, and ready to have children.

I have had my struggles in life but I always work to overcome them. A few years ago, I fell into depression but was able to get through it with the help of my family and my new-found friends. I have learned quite a lot from the experience, especially about the power of self-help books and the self-improvement community online. The internet is full of great resources and encouraging forums are just a few clicks away.

I grew up in Czech Republic but currently live in the United States, renting a small house with my fiancee. I came to this country about ten years ago and have since learned the value of growing up in two very different cultures. It helped me gain perspective on life.

Outside of that I am a:

  • vegetarian going vegan
  • regularly exercising individual
  • a young man
  • a creator
  • and a productivity enthusiast.