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Reddit Productivity

Date: February 16th 2013
Author: Antonin Januska
Description: A Writer who enjoys living healthy

I think that we're familiar with the distracting powers of websites such as pinterest, reddit, facebook, twitter, and others. They're fun, and they're easy to dive into for hours upon hours. Why are they so enticing? It's the constant stream of easily digestible semi-interesting material. If you use reddit like a power-user with RES, you'll find yourself wasting even more time.

Let's see what we can do with Reddit.


Reddit is a black hole of time. It's even a long time running joke on reddit that reddit is one of the biggest time wasters out there. You can literally browse for the whole day.

But Reddit is also an amazing source of information and a place of great help. As I detail in my Monthly Goals System, Reddit can be used responsibly and amazingly.

First, install Reddit Enhancement Suite, and create an account. You're welcome to create multiple accounts, RES allows you to quickly switch between accounts. Once logged in, unsubscribe from some of the default subreddits. Here are some suggestions:

  • /r/wtf
  • /r/pics
  • /r/gaming
  • /r/atheism
  • /r/aww
  • /r/politics
  • /r/Music
  • /r/funny
  • /r/videos
  • /r/movies

TIL and IAmA can actually quite useful.


Next, pick a few MAIN topics you're interested in. I change these up month by month according to what my current focus is. Let's say one of your interests is "self help" . Search for "self help" on the main reddit screen, and you'll be presented with some suggestions. Subscribe to some of the obvious ones:

reddit list

Obviously, some results are not great but some actually hit the "nail" on the head. Look through these subreddits and see what sounds best to you. For me? I subscribed to:

  • /r/self
  • /r/depression
  • /r/relationships

Next thing you can do, is visit one of these subreddits and look at their sidebar, it usually has a list of "related subreddits". Or better yet, google/bing it! Just use the keyword "self help" and "reddit" and you'll get great answers. I ended up with a nice compilation:

  • /r/selfhelp
  • /r/getmotivated
  • /r/zenhabits
  • /r/getdisplined
  • /r/accomplishedtoday (this one become one of my favroite
  • /r/confidence
  • /r/offmychest

Keep your compilation short! And remember to unsubscribe to whatever subreddits you find distracting or different than what you were expecting.


RES allows you to go to a subreddit and click on "+shortcut" and the subreddit will show up in the top bar. This allows quick and direct access.

I use this technique to focus on specific subreddits instead of mindlessly browsing. It also helps me focus on what I really want to focus on.


So, after adding all those "shortcuts", why would you want to bookmark? I keep the most important subreddits in my bookmark bar. Instead of getting on facebook, twitter, or wherever when I turn on my computer in the morning, I visit /r/getmotivated and /r/todayiaccomplished to get pumped up about the day and figure out what I want to do with it!

All In Moderation

With so many access routes to reddit, you may want to physically limit your time on reddit. Just remember that your time on reddit is less /r/aww and /r/wtf, and more productive with /r/whateveryourinterestis.

You can browse guilt-free and employ reddit in exciting new ways along with your monthly goals, your daily goals, and other gtd systems!